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Kalamaja Residents is a residence complex comprising of two buildings amidst an exclusive setting. It was built in the attractive and promising Kalamaja district in 2016.

Family apartments have everything there is to desire from a great city home. Everything necessary for work and leisure is just a walking distance away.

Traffic here is simple and convenient; the fantastic location equally facilitates walking, cycling, driving your own car or using accessible public transport.

A small and private residence complex located in a highly valued district is to benefit from the great sea view and its proximity to the Old Town and the city center. The buildings are surrounded by a fence and have a green courtyard. The location is wonderfully peaceful and safe for children.

The surroundings have some great cafes and restaurants, parks, schools and kindergartens.

A weather-proof parking is located under the buildings. There is a children’s playground in the enclosed courtyard.





The energy performance of the buildings, according to the design, meets the energy efficiency class B of apartment buildings, and the energy performance is 116 kWh/m2*a. The energy class is calculated according to the latest existing calculation methodology.


The load-bearing structures of the building are based on strip foundations of monolithic reinforced concrete.
The outer walls are of monolithic reinforced concrete to the extent of the parking level. The material of the external walls of the remaining floors is concrete hollow blocks or concrete. The external walls are insulated in accordance with the wall type, with a 200 mm thick mineral wool or polystyrene, which is covered in brick facade panels and partially with light gauge. Top floor exterior walls and the roof ceiling are partitions on a wooden frame with 300 mm mineral wall insulation.


All the interior walls between apartments, and between apartments and the stairwell, have been designed with double walls: to fully concreted Columbia rock walls are added gypsum-frame wall, an air gap between the walls. The inner walls of the apartments are gypsum plate walls on a metal frame with a mineral wool insulation. In the case of walls, where there is likely a wish to mount kitchen cabinets on the wall, we add an OSB plate under the gypsum plate to provide strength. In wet rooms, the walls are damp-proof gypsum plate walls on a metal frame.


Reinforced concrete hollow-core slabs, on which are installed expanded polystyrene to prevent step noise, and the concrete screeds are made.
Internal stairs are assembled stairs of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements which are finished with ceramic tiles.


The roof of the balconies and terraces is a smooth concrete surface. Balcony railings are according to the architectural solution.
The flat roofs of the building are covered with an SBS-coating. The sloping roof support structure of the building is formed of the rafters of the structure wood. The roofing is rolled metal.


The building has wood-aluminum windows with triple glazing.
The external doors are glass-aluminum doors. The external doors of the apartments are covered with stained precious wood veneer, the frames are covered with a corresponding veneer. The interior doors are wood veneer flush doors.


For the future owner of the apartment, the interior designers have compiled three different finish packages for selection. The walls have been painted in living rooms, in wet rooms they have been covered with ceramic tiles. For floor finishes in the living quarters have been used a high-quality board parquet. In toilets, bathrooms, hallways and sauna rooms, the coating material is ceramic plate. In technical rooms and storage rooms are concrete floors with surface hardeners. Ceilings in the living quarters are painted. In the service areas, toilets, bathrooms and hallways are plasterboard suspended ceilings.


The heat supply source of the building is the boiler plant connected to the network of the city. The apartments have water based underfloor heating, the heaters of the technical rooms and stairwells are radiators or underfloor heating.
The ventilation of the apartments is provided with apartment based heat recovery with a supply – exhaust air ventilation device.


The building is connected to the water and sewerage network of the city. Hot water is made locally in the heating assembly of the building. All apartments are fitted with separate water meters in the stairwells.


The switchboard of the apartment has two sections, with the electrical and weak current part. In the electrical part there is an automatic fuse box, in the weak current part surveillance, communications and TV distribution. Laundry rooms and hallways of the apartments are equipped with LED lights.
Each room of the apartment is provided with a module socket for a telephone and/or Internet, one TV socket and in the living room, two TV sockets with different layouts. In the cabling is used a cabling corresponding to the Cat6 standard, enabling very high speed data transmission. On the apartment door is installed a door phone system and equipped with the readiness of security alarm. In the apartments are provided speaker sockets in the main place of viewing of TV and on its opposite wall, to enable to connect a home theater system speakers.


The building is equipped with a smart home solution that enables, with the touch-screen mounted in the apartment hallway, to adjust the temperature of the apartment, including cooling and the ventilation from room to room. While away from home it is possible to monitor your apartment from a smartphone.







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