FOR SALE: Härgla manor in Juuru Parish, Rapla county

45 243 Sq. m. HÄRGLA MANOR – Older than Old Town

We are delighted to introduce the historic Härgla Manor to the market.

Härgla Manor is located in Härgla village, Juuru parish, Rapla county.

The manor complex consists of the manor house and six outbuildings:

1. Manor house (1459 m2)
2. Governors house (392,3 m2)
3. Storehouse (411,6 m2)
4. Stable (116,5 m2)
5. Ice cellar (66,5 m2)
6. Forge-shed (30,3 m2)
7. Sauna building (ca 70 m2)

Total area of the manor complex consists of 45 243 m2.


Härgla manor is first mentioned in 1519. In the Middle Ages it belonged to the von Maydell family. Later the manor had many owners, until the von Wetter-Rosenthal family obtained the complex for a longer period in the 19th century.

The two-storied main building has been built in several parts during 17-19th centuries. The building has one of the most beautiful classicistic pillar porches of the beginning of the 19th century in Estonia consisting of six gorgeous ionian pillars (added in the 1820s most likely by von Rosenthals). From the 1920s until 1960s, the manor building hosted a local school; from 1966 since today, the manor complex has been a private property.


The general condition of the manor complex is satisfactory. The crucial details such as the roof, windows and doors have been regularly maintained and conditioned. Additionally, seasonal mowing and territorial maintenance work has been done regularly.